Well that was over half of my life, that was. A band, a gang, a lifestyle, a song-shaped dagger pointed, continually, at the heart of popular culture and politics… or just a lifelong belly-laugh at the world. 

Unarguably, there were some good tunes.Some good ideas. Go on, argue. And hopefully, at this point, a fall-out of people still involved and active and interesting … and still a family.

Above, Homer Simpson with Chumbawamba's lasting legacy to the world.

For more information on all that, see www.chumba.com


Alice Nutter is writing TV drama scripts – working with Jimmy McGovern on one-off programmes and series. She's written episodes of acclaimed British TV drama series 'The Street' and 'The Accused'. Right now she's in the middle of rehearsals for 'My Generation', which will be at West Yorkshire Playhouse in the Autumn.

Phil Moody has founded Outernational Ursonata Inc (Oui for short) which is attempting to revive the Dadaist practise of shocking the world with artistic and poetic interventions. His latest film was shot on location in the IKEA store in Leeds.

Dunstan Bruce makes films. He's done a few of The Levellers' recent pop videos and has one full-length film 'This Band Is So Gorgeous', a documentary of Sham 69's recent tour of China.It's been nominated at a couple of international film festivals. Dunst is working on a film about the 'Tubthumping' madness, and has a film about The Levellers (and in particular the fascinating enigma that is Jeremy) almost finished.  

Neil Ferguson is working as sound engineer with the legendary Blowzabella as well as doing studio production and engineering for various bands and projects. Expect a dubstep mix of 'Agadoo' soon. 

Harry Hamer is working with Interplay Theatre as an actor/musician. His latest role was as the brilliant Spit Nolan, where he got to build a go-kart from scratch every night. He's also in several bands, including Lula & The BeBops.

Jude Abbott is an integral member of the West Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra. She's also playing with Peace Artistes, a long-running street band that pop up at demonstrations, parties and festivals all over the place.She also runs Monospace, a web design business, and Splanky, a fabric design company.

Danbert Nobacon lives in Twisp, Washington State USA and is an occasional author/blogger/radio show host and general freak-about-town. See his website for updates and details on solo albums and current work. 

"Chumbawamba? They're a jumpy, shouty tragedy." (Caitlin Moran)