Above: Barbara Taylor-Bradford & Alan Bennett on a Bench on Armley Moor 

Recorded in front of an audience as part of the '15 Minutes Live' project, Directed and Produced by Slung Lo and Jane Earnshaw, Leeds 2011.


Play ‘Skinny Barlow’ — winner, BBC Radio Five Live ‘Sports Shorts’ competition, 2005

Play ‘Keep On Running’ — winner, BBC ‘Moving Stories’ competition, 2005

Play ‘Oh Bondage, Up Yours’ – Alfred Bradley Bursary Award, 2007

BBC Bursary in conjunction with West Yorkshire Playhouse, 2008

Play ‘Lovely Day Tomorrow’ West Yorkshire Playhouse, 2009

Musical ‘Armley – The Musical’ West Leeds Festival 2008

Musical ‘Play Up, Play Up’ West Leeds Festival 2009

Musical ‘Riot, Rebellion & Bloody Insurrection’ Red Ladder Theatre touring show 2010

Play with Music – 'Barbara Taylor-Bradford & Alan Bennett…' Slung Low, 2011

Musical ‘Big Society’ Red Ladder Theatre full run, City Varieties, Leeds 2012

Musical ‘Sex & Docks & Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Red Ladder Theatre full run and tour, 2012–13

Musical 'Wrong 'Un' Red Ladder Theatre, 2013 – currently playing

Below: Photographs from the Red Ladder production 'Big Society' at City Varieties, Leeds

 The band: Phil Moody, Jude Abbott, Neil Ferguson & Boff

Harry Hamer, Kyla Goody and the Wardrobe of Mystery 

Kyla Goody and Phill Jupitus

'There's two purposes in living. There's enjoyment, like reading or playing with the grandchildren, or growing scarlet runners. That's one, but there's no flavour to that, no value in it without the other: and that's fighting 'the struggle'. (John McGrath, Theatre Director & Playwright)